What to say about love… about two lovely people in love with each other? Difficult to express in words. So I will do it with photographs ūüėČ Laura & Henk, and the whole family! I cannot thank you enough for sharing so much with us! For letting us register such precious moments of your lives! […]

Soon I will be joining Willie & Jens again at their big Wedding day! It is a blessing to witness the love between them,¬†the warmth, that sparkle, that wonder!¬†Beautiful forms love can take! Our engagement shoot was just great,¬†and promises a great wedding shoot (cannot wait now ūüėČ I am enjoying a lot the negative […]

WARNING! You might fall in love in the next few seconds! I met Rose & Jeroen a few days ago for our Engagement Shoot, which is a free session included in my Wedding Packages.¬†Those photos can be used as¬†wedding decor or even for the wedding invitation itself. We visit some locations and I was melting […]

A¬†l’amour… Alex and Fanny are those people you just fall in love with at first, happy and truthful.¬†Maybe I should start this post by saying it was hard to dry my tears when Alex started his vows during the ceremony. Tears that never end… And Fanny, how can a woman be more lovable? It just […]

After 46 years of an unconditional committed work ¬†to his family business, Henk Kras has passed his¬†baton to the next generation! To celebrate it, an unforgettable evening party was prepared¬†and done¬†last Friday¬†at the Kras Stadion in Volendam – a celebration with family, friends and co-workers.¬†Many ¬†thankful words, videos and a delightful buffet was served – […]

  My mother died when I was 17. My father raised me and my sister Herica, whom was then 13. My father died 2 years ago.¬†** Post from October 2016 ** Naldo Navajas¬†was a painter and started his career in the 70’s. After a long distance relation with my mother, he decided to move to […]

It is vicious and I said and I will keep on saying it… the wedding experience is something magical, excited, nervous, unpredictable and yet adorable and absolutely magnificent in all the aspects. At springtime of their lives, Shanna en Sonny engaged to live together. I can image their feelings since the beginning, something like “let’s […]