The Photographer

Here’s a little bit about me, the lady behind the camera.

Helen Navajas By Alicia_2I’m a full-time wedding photographer based in a charming town in Noord-Holland called Volendam. I love traveling, sea-food and anything spicy, movies, dancing and my family. Enthusiastic and positive, I search for things to appreciate and I love complimenting people.

I’ve been a photographer since 2005 and I’ve ventured down quite a few different paths in photography, finding that what makes my heart beat hardest: photographing love. My life and my work have been driven by this search for meaning. My images have a message, intrinsic and profound.

Love stories are my thing! I interact with everyone I photograph, I laugh and cannot stop enjoying the present moment. So, everything I say and do comes from a place of humor or a place of respect. I appreciate people for who they are rather than judge them, reason why they feel very conformable around me. I was born and raised in Brazil, my beloved country from where I got my “happy colors”; I lost my mother very young and my father 3 years ago and I’ve learned to give a huge value for life, family, friends and love.

For the last 4 years, I’ve had the privilege of documenting adventurous, exceptional couples, like you, as they celebrate their journeys and take their relationships to deeper levels of commitment, exploration, and enduring love. Yes – I’m devoted to my art – but I value your experience above all. I aim to capture that which endures, seeking to balance the curated with the raw, and the composed with the real.

You’re searching for photography with meaning, images that capture you at your best. I am too. I look forward to being your guide, as we join together to create timeless, artistic valuables for you and the people you love.


Helen Navajas by the lenses of Matchima Konin

Academic Background 

Advanced Photography – With Jim Gablim
FOTOGRAM – Amsterdam, 2011

Portraits with natural light – with Daniel Magalhães
At Escola de Imagem, Belo Horizonte – Brazil, 2011

Lighting – with Anibal Mangoli
C.E.F. (Centro de Estudios Fotográficos) Córdoba – Argentina, 2010

Photo Documentary – with Gabriel Orge
C.E.F. (Centro de Estudios Fotográficos) Córdoba – Argentina, 2010

Narratives of Documentary Photography – with Claudine Doury (from Agence VU)
September 2009 – 5th International Photo Festival, Paraty (Brazil)

Language, Instinct and Ethics in Photojournalism – with Francesco Zizola (from 10bPhotography)
September 2009 – 5th International Photo Festival, Paraty (Brazil)

Documentation and Authorship – with André Cypriano
September 2009 – 5th International Photo Festival, Paraty (Brazil)

National Geographic Challenge in Brazil – with Izan Petterle (National Geographic)
September 2008 – 4th International Photo Festival, Paraty (Brazil)

Photography and Citizenship – with Orlando Azevedo
September 2008 – 4th International Photo Festival, Paraty (Brazil)


2012 – Kids Collective Art Exhibition
The Bank – Amsterdam, Holland – October 2012 to April 2013

2007 – Travelling in Brazil
The Soda Gallery – Dallas, TX – EUA – October

2006 – 2nd Artists Festival Paraty, Collective Photo Exhibition
Cultural House of Paraty – Paraty, RJ – Brazil – April to July

2005 – Collective Photo Exhibition
Cultural House of Paraty – Paraty, RJ – Brazil – May to July

Highlighted Assessments

Subsponsor at the Waterdamkamp Volendam 2015
Volendam – Holland

Photography coverage of TomTom Employees Rembrantplein Office, for the TomTom Summer Fair Exhibition 2013, Amsterdam – Holland

Photographer and Post Production Editor at First Productions and Events
Córdoba, Argentina – 2010

Photographer at the 1st and 2nd International Movie Festival of Paraty, Brazil
2008 and 2009

Photographer at the Annual Catalogue of Tribo dos Pes 
2006 – Paraty, Brazil

Graphic Designer and Photographer at the Annual Art’s Catalog of Paraty
2006 – Brazil

Main Editor, Graphic Designer and Photographer at Paraty Dia e Noite (Trilingual Monthly Tourist Guide)
Paraty, Brazil – 2005 and 2006

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