Shanna & Sonny

It is vicious and I said and I will keep on saying it… the wedding experience is something magical, excited, nervous, unpredictable and yet adorable and absolutely magnificent in all the aspects.

At springtime of their lives, Shanna en Sonny engaged to live together. I can image their feelings since the beginning, something like “let’s celebrate in the best way possible”. Maybe, in reality, it was not like that but certainly, the day had this atmosphere from begging to end.

Dear Shanna and Sonny! I would like to drop only feel words, which actually scape me at this moment… I was overwhelmed as always with feelings of gratitude and happiness, for the opportunity to photograph your amazing wedding and contemplate your happiness among your loved ones. I had a great time and looking at the photos was just difficult enough to hold the emotions. I hope you may be transported back again to this day as you look into the pictures. Keep on sharing your love with others and I wish you all the happiness and love in this world. Life will be a party everywhere you go! For the colors, the angles, the party, the amazing family you have and friends, I say THANK YOU!

xoxoxo, Helen Navajas

© Studio 31 – Helen Navajas Photography
Photographs by Helen Navajas and Juliana Celotti

Love and love and love details!



Our gorgeous photoshoot together!


Party time! Lets start with the photo which summarises the whole day’s atmosphere! Fabulous! 

01376_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July2016

00677_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600748_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600351_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600977_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601078_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601011_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600981_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601028_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600969_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601158_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601562_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601530_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601560_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601950_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601886_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601658_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601635_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201602060_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600616_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600267_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600457_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600461_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601485_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July2016

Sylvia & Berry

I still remember when Berry and Sylvia came by to talk about their wedding, their planes and of course the wedding reportage. Two young people, happy and engaged to make a memorable day.

Indeed it was! The day started early and Sylvia looked ready to rock. Sylvia’s mother Huib offered me something to drink and as she saw me taking photos of details, she pointed out some other ones, those sorts of details only perceived by mothers. They know EVERYTHING and all the little particular things, reading your mind! They always offer you that other perspective, a certain look filled with love. So do children!

Sylvia’s little niece Lisa was a sweetheart. I can imagine what comes to a child’s mind at that moment, their shining eyes perplexed by the white dress. This wonder, this excitement of the first time!! Magical, priceless. Sylvia asked Lisa to show me the dress – I would even dare to say that Sylvia “created” this photo, just like she knew what it was about to happen.

I’ve seen similar photos. The charm here lays in the fact of being there – to experience wonder in its pure form!! How amazing! Life is made by little moments where we are blessed to be merely spectators.


Inside the dress…


It was time to photograph Berry. When I arrived to his parent’s house and introduced myself to his mother Lia, she told me “Berry does not want to wear the tie”!!  Have I said mother’s know EVERYTHING? Yes, they do!

At that point, I haven’t even thought of what to say something or when. Funny enough and very appropriated, when shooting the suit, he mentioned to remove the tie from the composition.

Probably I said “Berryyyyyy” very loud and emphatic, dramatic Helen on her solo act –  which seemed to work… I am Brazilian after all, just realize my over-the-top reactions after some days 😉  but please believe me that they are all full of love and appreciation!

I love this one too…

There he comes! The first look of the bride and groom … then time to go!

Wasn’t she stunning?

The wedding ceremony would take place at the Lighthouse in Marken; together with family and close friends we departure  from Volendam on board the Vriendschap.


Surrounded by stunning views of the water, we were blessed by an amazing blue sky above us!


Liliane Spijker conducted the ceremony, in a very spontaneous and lovely way. An intimate wedding ceremony. It was also very emotional as Sylvia’s father was no longer with us…

I don’t understand why things happen the way they happen… Maybe all I can say is that he was very proud to see his daughter happy and beautiful and to see them both, Berry and Sylvia, engaging in a life together.

There was something unexplainable in the air, as we move from one place to another, the rain seamed to run away from us wherever we were. After all, I feel that her father Kleine Jan was with us all along, blessing us through the day and giving us the perfect conditions for beautiful photographs!

After the ceremony, we had plenty of time for photos. Sylvia was glamorous and shining top to bottom!

Berry looked extraordinarily dapper, both on a gorgeous spring day in the Purmerbos…

Both in love, so light, so free…

At night, they celebrated with friends and family at the Hotel Volendam. Juliana and I engaged to do a slide show presentation as requested by the bride and groom long ago.

Difficult was to choose fast enough between so many beautiful photos, not to mention our tears meanwhile we edited and synchronised the video with the song  If You Love Someone by Jason Mrazchosen by the couple. Seriously, we sob (many times). This is their reaction:

Sylvia and Berry, my heart overflows with love for you both. Your love makes the world a better place. I’m honored to have documented your first day as husband and wife. I am thankful to have been invited into your lives. I wish you a prosper long life filled with love and health.

*Special thanks to the amazing Juliana Celotti for the assistance and photographs, for our tears together, for our laughs, for driving us crazily and fast enough! Love you median! Many thanks to Liliane and the team at the Hotel Volendam.

These photos were made so you can be transported to their beautiful day, so you can feel the emotion once again, if you were there. I hope they reached their purpose, and please leave a comment if they did so.

Helen Navajas


Dennis and Shanna

Two people committing their lives to each other. How magical this moment can be? You are surrounded by family and friends, and there is love, fun and happiness everywhere you go. Then you have to capture with photographs. Can this be more blessed? Yes! Because every wedding is still unique and no matter how many you go, it is as if it was your first time!

Dennis and Shanna – two beautiful people shining in their youth…

Since our first meeting, I came to admire this couple for taking this step in their lives. Committing themselves to a life together and celebrating it with those they love. Not only that: celebrate it with style and personalisation, a day full of lights, great music, words of love and respect and great people.

During the preparation, Mama Eva offered me a “good morning coffee” and I started feeling my ground and shooting. I get very emotional – as always –  but thanks to haven I can hide my tears behind the camera. Seriously! Call me cheesy or silly but the white dress with all the bride’s details are just so beautiful! She dressed as a sweet princess she is, totally appropriate for Shanna. I see a lot of strength in her eyes and there is something very loving and peaceful about them. Beautiful Shanna! Mama and Pappa Casper helped me shooting the details. Parents know best, trust me, plus they have all the tools you need and they even read your mind!

Dennis made me laugh many times during their private photoshoot. During his preparation, his parents Jan and Janita came along before we go to get Shanna, along with his friends, and it was a great moment! Not to mention that one day before the wedding, Dennis was at the Hotel Spaander taking care of all the sound equipment and details – as a specialist in what he does!!

I love dutch weddings too! There is so much interaction with everyone! It is truly an engagement! You hear laughs and people enjoying themselves of the histories they share and remember. This is how life should be every day: remember the good and dream with the future, in a perfect balance.

At the party, I don’t even know from where to start: the funny and original speeches?  The music? Lights? Decoration? Everything just Fantastic!! Family having fun, friends singing and dancing… I enjoyed every moment which pushed me to win the tiredness. And when they played “Dead Flowers” I dropped some tears again. Juliana by my side was another great detail as she also came to take photos with me – I love her compositions!

Technically speaking, there were a lot of “lines” to play with during the party, which makes the photos very geometrical – you may see lines connecting people’s eyes and bringing your own eyes to run throughout the photo, in a visual path: it is part of my style, I love doing it and getting sharper every time. Even on their shoot, there are vertical lines behind Shanna, bringing you to observe the main subject – her beautiful eyes and smile and Dennis reaction – Magical!!

Dennis and Shanna, I appreciated this amazing moment you gave me, for being able to witness your joy and beauty, among your loving friends who admire you and your lovely family! I wish you a long and happy life together!!

These are just some photos I had to share with you all and they are not completely edited! There is more to come! Check them out one by one and I hope you enjoy them! Dikke kus van mij!!