Renate & Michiel

It feels like yesterday the day Renate and Michiel came home to talk about their wedding! Now it is almost their big day!

It promises to be a beautiful special wedding, with a great¬†location and a couple in love with each other!! Can I wait? ūüėČ

Renate & Michiel, once again thanks for the nice meeting and we see each other soon!


Helen Navajas


Engagement shoot

Soon I will be joining Willie & Jens again at their big Wedding day!

It is a blessing to witness the love between them,¬†the warmth, that sparkle, that wonder!¬†Beautiful forms love can take! Our engagement shoot was just great,¬†and promises a great wedding shoot (cannot wait now ūüėČ

I am enjoying a lot the negative space used in some photos for quite a while… It feels like the love between two people is just the beginning of¬†a whole new world, above our heads, limitless…

Willie & Jens, you guys rock!! Many kisses and we see each other soon!


Helen Navajas

Engagement shoot

WARNING! You might fall in love in the next few seconds!

I met Rose & Jeroen a few days ago for our Engagement Shoot, which is a free session included in my Wedding Packages. Those photos can be used as wedding decor or even for the wedding invitation itself.

We visit some locations and I was melting behind the camera! It is a beautiful job to photograph people’s interaction and happiness, their appreciation for each other; love overflows through the¬†camera and the result cannot be different!

Rose & Jeroen, you guys rock!!!!! I cannot wait now! Many kisses and we see each other soon!


Helen Navajas