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Jeanine & Matthijs



Paula & John

Volendam / Ilpendam / Zeilhoek





Mariane & Gregor


Wedding at the Castle Loevestein

Let me start by telling you how I met Mariane. She was the make up artist on one fantastic wedding I photographed back in 2014. Then in 2015, another bride needed an urgent artist and I recommended her work. Funny enough the bride did not see my message but ended founding Mariane anyways. We also did a great family shoot in 2015 and I was once again invited to photograph their family in their wedding celebration. What an honor and the biggest gratitude feeling!

It was an emotional day. Beautiful to see their friends and family together, sharing hugs and love, smiles… It is a blessing to be loved! Moreover, how amazing it is to get married in a castle? Yes, they did! Great location, lovely people, delicious food and astonishing views.

Mariane & Gregor, my hear was overwhelmed with emotions. I did cry and I was grateful to once again be part of your family during such a meaningful day. I wish you all happiness and joy! Many thanks to your family and friends who helped me throughout the day!

xoxox, Helen Navajas
Photographs by Helen N. and Kelly Bakker

Rose & Jeroen

How to have an original wedding in Volendam!

Rose and Jeroen are people who will embrace you with love… and that is contagious! These are qualities you are just blessed to see in people and blessed for the opportunity to photograph such a magical day of their lives.

We arrived at Rose’s parents’ house and love was already in the air! I never get tired of how weddings amaze me! Little details, smiles, an old photo, tears… Rose was already beautiful, shining for a long day, and Jeroen was not far from that!

Rose & Jeroen made a fantastic entrance to the church when they surprised everyone arriving in a scooter! Fabulous! Just after their entrance to the ceremony, Mitchell, Rose’s father, stopped for a speech and for a moment it felt like the whole world stopped moving…

Tears rolled behind the camera.

Their party was as brilliant as the rest of the day with speeches, dance floor, and a great Jazz band! I enjoy or I try to be invisible and take some shots from far away (the NikonD5 plays greatly during dark scenes and it’s perfect for the Volendammers Wensen). How nice to see so much happiness among everyone!

Rose & Jeroen, I was overwhelmed with emotion from beginning to end! This is the most important thing in life, to have love from your family and friends – and you two have plenty of that! Once again thanks for the trust in my work and for sharing this beautiful moment of your life!

Much love to you all and a big thank you to Juliana, Joske (an amazing girl!) John, Nick, Stephanie, your beautiful family and friends for all the help!


Helen Navajas

Photographs by Helen N. and Juliana Celloti


Renate & Michiel

It feels like yesterday the day Renate and Michiel came home to talk about their wedding! Now it is almost their big day!

It promises to be a beautiful special wedding, with a great location and a couple in love with each other!! Can I wait? 😉

Renate & Michiel, once again thanks for the nice meeting and we see each other soon!


Helen Navajas


Willie & Jens

An absolutely beautiful day and a perfect one to get married! Willie & Jens were radiant, top to bottom!!

There was so much love throughout the day that it was contagious… one moment in the church I felt my heart so big it would’ve exploded! Family, friends, sunshine day! To end up, a great party at the Josef with – of course – the Volendammers Wensen, my favorite part of all may I say it (and not posted yet as I have so many good pics).

Willie & Jens, how amazing to see your love and to witness this great celebration! It was an honor! I wish you happiness and joy!

See you soon,


Helen Navajas

Photographs from Helen N. and Maria Formigos

Laura & Henk

What to say about love… about two lovely people in love with each other? Difficult to express in words. So I will do it with photographs 😉

Laura & Henk, and the whole family! I cannot thank you enough for sharing so much with us! For letting us register such precious moments of your lives! Many times I felt really emotional and looking once more to the photos those feelings come along – there are only appreciation and a deep desire you will have a happy life together! You guys rock!

We see each other soon!


Helen Navajas

Photographs from Helen N. and Maria Formigos



Engagement shoot

Soon I will be joining Willie & Jens again at their big Wedding day!

It is a blessing to witness the love between them, the warmth, that sparkle, that wonder! Beautiful forms love can take! Our engagement shoot was just great, and promises a great wedding shoot (cannot wait now 😉

I am enjoying a lot the negative space used in some photos for quite a while… It feels like the love between two people is just the beginning of a whole new world, above our heads, limitless…

Willie & Jens, you guys rock!! Many kisses and we see each other soon!


Helen Navajas

Fanny & Alex

A l’amour…

Alex and Fanny are those people you just fall in love with at first, happy and truthful. Maybe I should start this post by saying it was hard to dry my tears when Alex started his vows during the ceremony. Tears that never end… And Fanny, how can a woman be more lovable? It just impossible, its love that overflows through her – seriously! Once contagious laugh!

It was a beautiful celebration, from preparation to the end!  A beautiful ceremony was done by Liliane Spijker at the Paard van Marken! One gorgeous location! We enjoyed it tremendously, as Kel Bakker came also with me and made beautiful photos!

One emotional day to never forget! Fanny & Alex, I wish you happiness and health in this journey! Once again thanks for the trust in my work, and we see each other around!


Helen Navajas