Ik Kras Op!

After 46 years of an unconditional committed work  to his family business, Henk Kras has passed his baton to the next generation!

To celebrate it, an unforgettable evening party was prepared and done last Friday at the Kras Stadion in Volendam – a celebration with family, friends and co-workers. Many  thankful words, videos and a delightful buffet was served – not to forget the fantastic presentations by Volendams Operakoor, and Jan Smit to close the night!

The company possesses the expertise to manage company’s waste streams more effectively, also been designed with sustainability in mind. Great values passed through generations. For more information, check out their website Kras-Recycling.

Mr Kras, a pleasure to see you again! A deep admiration to your character, to your family values and for what you have done for the city!

Dora, thanks again for the invitation and opportunity!

xoxoxo, Helen


Shanna & Sonny

It is vicious and I said and I will keep on saying it… the wedding experience is something magical, excited, nervous, unpredictable and yet adorable and absolutely magnificent in all the aspects.

At springtime of their lives, Shanna en Sonny engaged to live together. I can image their feelings since the beginning, something like “let’s celebrate in the best way possible”. Maybe, in reality, it was not like that but certainly, the day had this atmosphere from begging to end.

Dear Shanna and Sonny! I would like to drop only feel words, which actually scape me at this moment… I was overwhelmed as always with feelings of gratitude and happiness, for the opportunity to photograph your amazing wedding and contemplate your happiness among your loved ones. I had a great time and looking at the photos was just difficult enough to hold the emotions. I hope you may be transported back again to this day as you look into the pictures. Keep on sharing your love with others and I wish you all the happiness and love in this world. Life will be a party everywhere you go! For the colors, the angles, the party, the amazing family you have and friends, I say THANK YOU!

xoxoxo, Helen Navajas

© Studio 31 – Helen Navajas Photography
Photographs by Helen Navajas and Juliana Celotti


Love and love and love details!



Our gorgeous photoshoot together!


Party time! Lets start with the photo which summarises the whole day’s atmosphere! Fabulous! 

01376_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July2016

00677_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600748_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600351_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600977_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601078_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601011_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600981_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601028_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600969_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601158_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601562_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601530_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601560_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601950_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601886_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601658_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601635_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201602060_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600616_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600267_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600457_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201600461_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July201601485_Sonny and Shanna_Party_July2016

Annet & Iwan

Sometimes it is hard to describe what one feels during a wedding… I try to explain in one word: vicious. You can never have enough of it!

Difficult as well is to register the day and tell a story with images. Describe love, partnership, union, friendship, family bonds without being involved and let some tears in the way.

Indeed it was an amazing day among these two beautiful people together with their family and caring friends. From the preparation as we arrived, Annet’s parents were busy decorating their house, car and later on, Annet’s friends came by also to help. Love and care!

As the preparation went by there were moments of silence were I also stop and contemplate. Annet’s mother watched from far away her daughter and grandchild – and it was beautiful just to capture it! My dearest friend Maria went to see Iwan and register his preparation. When we went to the photoshoot and we had time to talk, I curiously checked out the photos and cried out my emotions! How amazing!!!


And more…

Long ago Annet told me of her appreciation for architectural photos and in our photoshoot we had a bless with so much space to “play” within all geometric forms! Not only that – to see two people in love and entangled! Uncompromised smiles, a sort of intimacy you dream about it and appreciate to witness!




She gave me a powerful look that was stunning!



And Iwan was not far from it!!



Annet and Iwan! What a honour to be part of this day in your lives! How amazing to just be there and celebrate with you! Many times my eyes were blurred by tears, to watch you, your family… when I saw your friends at the end of the ceremony distributing the bubble bottles! Love and care everywhere and in little details! I wish you to keep on sharing your happiness with your loved ones! The world is a happier place with you!

Many thanks to Maria Formigos for the beautiful work, your family and friends and the lovely employees of the Edam’s Fort.

© Studio 31 – Helen Navajas Photography

Photographs by Helen Navajas and Maria Formigos


Copycat: a photo reference or an exact replica?

Here and there people ask me and tell me about photographers who try to copy my style, and if I get bother with it.

Personally this fact really flatters me, as I find it nice someone is using my photos as a reference. So I take it as a big compliment and it gives me a huge smile on my face!

If you aim to be a professional photographer, of just like to make beautiful photos as a hobby, using photos as a reference will give you some inspiration or even orientation to what you are aiming for. I do it with my clients too – I show photos of other photographers, and they also show me what they are looking for. It is a great help to know their likes and dislikes, and to know if we are a real match!

However my advice will be to find your own style, once it will be your “true self” imprinted on the photos. Let’s remember that photography is a strong media of communication, and your photographs should also say something about yourself – rather than only coping what others are “communicating”.

If you really want to follow a photographer career, go deep and go to school!!! There is a world of information behind and inside the camera. Knowledge will make all difference between someone with just a good camera and someone capable to deliver good quality photographs. And believe me, clients look for your portfolio and all the courses you have done!

Some does and don’ts:

  • Use other photographer’s photos as a photo reference, as guidance. Describe to yourself what you like the most: composition, color, poses, etc.
  • Try to produce images that reveal your own style. And if you still don’t know what is your photography style, make a selection of photographers who are more appealing to you. If there is something you like in them that means it truly speaks to your soul!
  • Remember that not everyone will enjoy your photos: your style will “speak” to some people more than others – that is just fantastic! You will find your own niche and your own public.
  • Scratching the surface of the copycat behavior and/or psychologically speaking, we can describe them as the person who has no sense of self. Extreme copying reveals low self-esteem to no self-esteem at all, and an inferiority complex. On some level, it’s a way to avoid feeling downgraded.
  • Appreciate what others are doing and even mention who is your photographer reference. That only shows your respect and admiration for other photographer’s body of work.
  • Most important of all, YOU ARE UNIQUE: there is something about you that no one else has! What you see, the way you interpreted things, the way you feel – nothing is the same. So, it is worth to invest your time finding your true self and also in the images you produce.

Many kisses and much love to you all!