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  My mother died when I was 17. My father raised me and my sister Herica, whom was then 13. My father died 2 years ago.¬†** Post from October 2016 ** Naldo Navajas¬†was a painter and started his career in the 70’s. After a long distance relation with my mother, he decided to move to […]

It is vicious and I said and I will keep on saying it… the wedding experience is something magical, excited, nervous, unpredictable and yet adorable and absolutely magnificent in all the aspects. At springtime of their lives, Shanna en Sonny engaged to live together. I can image their feelings since the beginning, something like “let’s […]

Two people committing their lives to each other. How magical this moment can be? You are surrounded by family and friends, and there is love, fun and happiness everywhere you go. Then you have to capture with photographs. Can this be more blessed? Yes! Because every wedding is still unique and no matter how many […]