Kim & Evert’s Wedding!!

Kim and Evert got marriage recently, a great day with smiles and love!

Sun was shining outside during Kim’s preparation. One cannot avoid appreciating every single detail, and Lydia, Kim’s mother, had beautiful old pictures of her family! Kim was glowing, gorgeous! Once she was ready her sisters came to see her: a nice emotional moment that joined us all in our tears – once again when Evert arrived! Precious! Evert was also so elegant, I loved the shoes and belt!

What a nice party! We laughed from beginning to end with all the speeches! We made some photos of Kim & Evert’s friends as well. Evert was the vision of “Scare Face” and Al Pacino, that I even said El Mafioso! For my surprise, his siblings did a amazing funny video/reportage played with the God Father’s soundtrack! Fantastic!

Kim & Evert, how nice to see so much love among your friends and family! That’s the most important thing in life, and I hope we contributed to register those moments for a life time!

xoxox and see you soon!

Helen Navajas

Photographs by Helen N. and Juliana Celloti

Que foto hein JU!!!!

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