Megan’s Holy Communion!

It seams it was yesterday that I talked for the first time with Carola, Megan’s mother, about her First Communion. May I say there was already a connection! What a reportage! We met for some photos for the Communion Invitation then I finally met the lovely Megan – a sweet happy girl!

Finally the day arrived! Kees and Annie, Carola’s parents, came to Volendam to pick me up really early! How lovely!! We started at 6am! I arrived at Megan’s house and she looked excited and glowing, not to mention the house which was already beautifully decorated! Carola and Patrick kept on organising and later Damian, the brother, came to join us.

We had a great time during our shoot, in Volendam and later in a tulip field! It was a magical day! From preparation to our photoshoot, with so much love shared between the family and a blessed mass at the Sint-Nicolaaskerk!

Megan, I hope you had a fantastic day! The light of the communion will always shine on you!

Many kisses and we see each other soon!

xoxo, Helen Navajas


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