One of the great pleasures of being a photographer is to witness happiness! Despite all technical knowledge you need to know, all the work behind the scenes, emails, bureaucracy etc, it is an unique delight to hold a camera and register a beautiful family interaction!

Fiene and Thijl, two happy playful children! Had a great time with them, at one point they were both thought the autumn leaves at me and I was running like a child! Mama Jasmijn and Papa Valeer are certainly very proud of you! And Jasmijn, with her gorgeous red hair could be even more sweet? Yes! The way she looked at Valeer in one of the photos below will melt your heart!

It was one of the best family shoots I’ve made.  Jasmijn, Valeer, Fijne and Thijl, thanks again for the opportunity and hope to see you soon!


Helen Navajas

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