Baby Júlia on board!

I met Sandra Fagiolo in 2013 through her (at that time) boyfriend Nicola, who was my Supervisor at TomTom. They kindly invited to register their Wedding, and I was more than pleased!

It was a beautiful emotional wedding – I started crying at the moment I saw Sandra at the hairdresser, and the same emotion followed through the whole day. A beautiful Italo/Brazilian wedding in Haarlem, those photographs I hold close to my heart!

Now they will be soon Mama Sandra and Papa Nico! This time Sandra came by, and our session was (I guess) done in 30m… but we spend a couple of hours together talking and laughing. I feel really close to Sandra and her energy, not to mention the deep appreciation  I have of her trust in my work since the beginning of my career in the Netherlands.

Sandra and Nico, congratulations! Much love to you and your beautiful family and we see each other soon!

xoxox, Helen


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