Megan shoot for Communion Invitations

I still remember when Carola contacted me about communion reportages for 2017. We talked on the phone and I already had a impression of a great and lovable mother !

We soon booked the reportage and as part of the communion package we would make some photos for her daughter’s communion invitations.

Mama Carola never mention that her daughter Megan is just a little model: photogenic, spontaneous, and comfortable with the camera! In the first 5 minutes I could say we were ready! But we took some more photos with her brother Demien which turned so sweet 😉 Demien was curious on how the studio light works, how cool is that!  Like me, he is a big fan of Star Wars! After the photos we all sat, talked a bit and Megan was just being a sweet heart – the last photo was made only to remember those sweet eyes looking at!

Carola, how nice to meet you in person! I deeply appreciate your trust in my work and I am sure Megan’s communion will be a day to remember! Greetings on Megan and Demien!

See you soon!

xoxoxo, Helen

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