Familie Zwarthoed

Family is the most precious thing you can cherish!

What a pleasure to be welcomed by the Family Zwarthoed for this photoshoot! I was delighted to meet them all, who received me with a big smile!

This was an invitation done by Gemma, who I met via Erik while he was working at my place. How life gets entangled really makes me happy! Our session was relax even with the cold evening coming along, and the photos still came out so cheerful! At the end we did some pictures with funny props brought by Gemma and sisters, it was a great funny moment that made us all laugh!

Here they are: Grandpa Sijmen and Grandma Gaar / Lia and Evert with daughters Kim en Julia / Eva and Rene with son Simon and daughter Rosalie / Gemma with Erik with son Luke and daughters Danielle and Evi / Sander and Mascha with son Coen!

Gemma, thank you for the opportunity! It was beautiful to see you all! Groetjes aan de hele familie!


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