Jacob and Loes celebrates their 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Here we go again to another great photoshoot! I woke up at 6am, ready to go ahead into a ride of 2 hours…In the train to Steenwijk I thought I could close my eyes, though it was so nice that I just sat and contemplated the view.

As I arrived and met the whole family – all together 20 people – I met Jacob en Loes, a lovely couple! Funny that Loes’ name is pronounced in the same way as “light” in portuguese! Later I thought it was very appropriated!

It is indeed a blessing to see (and capture) people’s happiness. What a beautiful family! How great to experience, to meet them all and enjoy the moment! Kids playing, laughing, couples kissing, making jokes… Wow, 50 years of marriage! How amazing is to see your family growing in love, size, in all colours and possibilities. Jacob and Loes, my deepest respect to you!

In the train as I went back home, I ran to check out the photos – and there it was, this grin from ear to ear on my face, which probably was noticeable to everyone close by: clearly a big family that shared, with no exception, a huge shinnying smile with me!

Jacob and Loes, congratulations with your wedding anniversary! It was a great moment to photograph your family and to see your love spread into every family member!

Many kisses to all of you and thanks again Wendy for the




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