Waterdamkamp 2016

The second Waterdamkamp in Volendam was a great success: 3 days full of fun activities given to 193 children, 3 days with great warm weather!

The camp is certainly not an easy task, but a fantastic initiative organised by Ingrid de Goort, Irma Gorter and Edwin de Boer, with volunteers who understand how sports, group gathering and cooperation is important, sponsors and subsponsors which helped with donations and all kinds of services!

It is the second camp I was invite to photograph, an invitation you cannot refuse: the amount of energy you receive from these children, the smiles and love… it is something out of this world! These are the days I am called madame (mevrouw in dutch), where I get strange looks mixed with admiration, when I am called the “crazy photographer”…  the days I wish I was a teen again.

The photos I selected here are my favourite photos of all! For those who know me already heard me talking about compositional lines, forms, lines, lines and lines ;-), how people don’t need to pose but only forget about the fact there is a photographer there. I just loved taking the underwater photos, accidentally getting great shots! I look at all of these images and I am immediately transported to that time/space, to the energy, to the admiration I have for these children! These activities are definitely not easy as they might look – what you see is a group effort mix with concentration and strength.

Thumbs up to all volunteers! You all will be remembered and part of those children’s memories! How cool is that! You all contributed to give them a broader vision of the world and their own capabilities!

Thank you all! Hope to see you around Volendam, and for now tot ziens!



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