Enjoy every day…

Busy busy busy! Everyone running! How this rush makes you forget the real important things in life!

I size my day, every day, wish for the best and remember to appreciate and love what I have now. Most important is to be glad of being here at this moment with my family.

Joaquim does a great job to remind me on how to enjoy the moment and little things that happen throughout the day. More and more it is priority to spend time with my family – I still manage to go out and play with little Joaquim every week, we explore the surroundings – here and there I photograph for pure fun!

The little hands and feet! So cute! What he points out to be so cool and interesting! A piece of a tree branch, the insects… his own will developing and somehow becoming stronger. Makes me think about my parents when I was little. It makes me appreciate all the work they did for us.

You don’t have to become a mother to be more comprehensive and lovable (some people never change, believe me) but somehow motherhood made me reevaluate what really matters. My father’s words are always in my head, his freedom and wisdom which gave me wings to pursue my own dreams. And now I know of his unselfish feeling to let me go wherever I wanted to. Will I do the same?

Maybe mothers have a different way to work out through the day. We want to do everything at the same time, super heroes running the marathon. Lets just remember how it is still beautiful to see our children as they grow up, their learning process and how they develop their own personality. A part of us, a better part hopefully. A beautiful sparkle that we are bless to witness shining!

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