Dennis and Shanna

Two people committing their lives to each other. How magical this moment can be? You are surrounded by family and friends, and there is love, fun and happiness everywhere you go. Then you have to capture with photographs. Can this be more blessed? Yes! Because every wedding is still unique and no matter how many you go, it is as if it was your first time!

Dennis and Shanna – two beautiful people shining in their youth…

Since our first meeting, I came to admire this couple for taking this step in their lives. Committing themselves to a life together and celebrating it with those they love. Not only that: celebrate it with style and personalisation, a day full of lights, great music, words of love and respect and great people.

During the preparation, Mama Eva offered me a “good morning coffee” and I started feeling my ground and shooting. I get very emotional – as always –  but thanks to haven I can hide my tears behind the camera. Seriously! Call me cheesy or silly but the white dress with all the bride’s details are just so beautiful! She dressed as a sweet princess she is, totally appropriate for Shanna. I see a lot of strength in her eyes and there is something very loving and peaceful about them. Beautiful Shanna! Mama and Pappa Casper helped me shooting the details. Parents know best, trust me, plus they have all the tools you need and they even read your mind!

Dennis made me laugh many times during their private photoshoot. During his preparation, his parents Jan and Janita came along before we go to get Shanna, along with his friends, and it was a great moment! Not to mention that one day before the wedding, Dennis was at the Hotel Spaander taking care of all the sound equipment and details – as a specialist in what he does!!

I love dutch weddings too! There is so much interaction with everyone! It is truly an engagement! You hear laughs and people enjoying themselves of the histories they share and remember. This is how life should be every day: remember the good and dream with the future, in a perfect balance.

At the party, I don’t even know from where to start: the funny and original speeches?  The music? Lights? Decoration? Everything just Fantastic!! Family having fun, friends singing and dancing… I enjoyed every moment which pushed me to win the tiredness. And when they played “Dead Flowers” I dropped some tears again. Juliana by my side was another great detail as she also came to take photos with me – I love her compositions!

Technically speaking, there were a lot of “lines” to play with during the party, which makes the photos very geometrical – you may see lines connecting people’s eyes and bringing your own eyes to run throughout the photo, in a visual path: it is part of my style, I love doing it and getting sharper every time. Even on their shoot, there are vertical lines behind Shanna, bringing you to observe the main subject – her beautiful eyes and smile and Dennis reaction – Magical!!

Dennis and Shanna, I appreciated this amazing moment you gave me, for being able to witness your joy and beauty, among your loving friends who admire you and your lovely family! I wish you a long and happy life together!!

These are just some photos I had to share with you all and they are not completely edited! There is more to come! Check them out one by one and I hope you enjoy them! Dikke kus van mij!!


Author: Helen Navajas

"Als je op zoek bent naar een leuke, lieve en enthousiaste fotograaf dan ben je bij Helen aan het goede adres! Wij zijn ontzettend blij dat Helen de foto's heeft gemaakt voor onze bruiloft. Helen heeft oog voor details, spontane en bijzondere momenten, zonder daarbij continu op de voorgrond aanwezig te zijn. Dit heb ik zelf als prettig ervaren. Helen heeft een prettige persoonlijkheid, waarbij je je snel op je gemak voelt. Toen ik sommige foto's later terug zag, kon ik me niet herinneren dat Helen deze had gemaakt. Dat is wat mij betreft hoe een top fotograaf te werk gaat: het maken van mooie, maar spontane foto's. Daarnaast zijn ook de fotoboeken van hoge kwaliteit." ​Anke Boerema, Amsterdam

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