Family photos: how to find the best light?

Not long ago, I was contacted by a lovely mother who wanted a non-traditional photoshoot of her daughters and nefews. As aways, I spend a long time personalising the shoot, talking to them, in order to know their likes and dislikes: she suggested this amazing rustic farm in Monnikedam (Holland), with tons of green and interesting places to explore.

During the shoot, Sanne, Naomi, Marlon and Mike were just being themselves. Mike – the youngest  – was as in dutch you may call “een boofie”: climbing trees, being a super hero and making us laugh. © Helen Navajas

Meanwhile playing and looking a the camera, they also made suggestions of places where we could shoot and at this point I love being flexible to hear and decide together. The results are fantastic! Spontaneous and joyful photos, smiles, fun, happiness.

Even thought the shoot was very free and spontaneous, a good tip when photographing people is to position them behind the sun, where they will not have direct sun upon them, specially if you have no option to shoot during the golden light (close to sunrise and sunset). © Helen Navajas

The beautiful golden light behing them makes the photo look warm and magical. The perspective given by the blur of the wall invites your eyes to, inevitably, look at your subject.

Then, during post-production, I’ve just added some more light and contrast – which is part of my own style.

For the rest, just be yourself and capture happiness!

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